Sunday, November 25, 2007

PSP is the Shiznit

Whew it's been quite a few days since a last posted here due to some personal conflicts and confusions hahaha. But here I am again to share some of my thoughts.

Ok, see I have this PSP (Play Station Portable) which my dad gave to me I think about a year ago. You may be thinking why the hell I am posting about my PSP. Well, just so that you know, a PSP does everything that you need. First of all, of course, it plays games. Even the old Play Station 1 and 2 games. The titles that I play in my PSP right now are Tekken Dark Resurrection and Final Fantasy 7 (Yes, the PS 1 game). Next, it can play music for all those times inside the bus or if you and your classmates are bored in the classroom when the professor's not around, you can simply turn it on, take off the earphones and jam! Third, it can play movies too! This is the function that I love the most since I've missed many great films and I also wasn't able to buy DVD copies of them. So what I do is I download movies from the net and play it in my PSP when I'm about to go to bed. The down part of this is that the PSP only plays mp4 files. Meaning, if the movies you downloaded aren't in mp4, you'd still have to convert them using programs like PSP Video 9 (I use this). Of course, if the PSP can play music and videos, you can expect it to hold pictures and view them using the PSP and what's better is then you can also use the PSP to take photos when paired with a special camera that's mounted at the USB port of the PSP. So as you can see, the PSP is a storage device too. And finally, the PSP can be used to browse the net! If you're in a mall and you need to check your mail, just go to a WiFi spot and adjust the settings of your PSP and voila, you can check your mail! The sad thing about this is that some internet sites that require great amounts of memory cannot be viewed since the PSP, of course, has limited RAM.

The PSP is one huge media device and I know you too will love it just like how I love it. It comes in many colors and now, there's the PSP Slim. It's smaller and lighter and there's a slight difference in style between the slim and the fat one (My PSP). And with the hundreds of accessories for the PSP, you can mix and match colors and gadgets that will suit your style and make yourself proud that you are an owner of an all-in-one media device that'll make others go oooohhhh!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Daily Lessons: Food Facts

I was not able to post here yesterday because I was in school for most of the day. This is the first time that I realized that it is hard to maintain your blog if you got stuff to do in the other aspects of your daily life. Anyways, the good thing about going to school everyday is that from time to time, we get to learn valuable lessons that we can share with the readers of our blog, and for my case, you! Oh yes, very precious you.

Earlier this morning, our teacher in Drugs and Solutions was absent. We had our break then proceeded to our Nutrition class. Truth is, I find this subject quite boring because of the tone of our teacher's voice and the time of the subject. But even though it's not that interesting, lessons taught here have great appeal to me since we talk about food and later this semester, we'll be cooking and of course, we'll eat. But of course, everything begins with the basics.

For the past three meetings of our Nutrition, we've been discussing the nutrient contents of the different food. When planning our daily meals, whether to gain, lose, or maintain weight, lots of factors should be put into play. These are BMI (Body Mass Index), DBW (Desired Body Weight), and the TER (Total Energy Requirement). I was amazed to know that my Total Energy Requirement was 2450g of calories but I was also disappointed to learn that this 2450g of calories pile up so easily.

The kinds of food that one usually eats surprisingly has so much calories in it. For example, a half cup of plain steamed rice, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, has 23g of carbohydrates, 2g of protein, 100g of calories, and none of fat. The good thing is that our diet can be broken into three parts, the carbs, the proteins, and the fat.

The carbohydrates may comprise 50% to 60% of one's diet. Protein, 10% to 15%, and fat, 20% to 30%. The rates may be adjusted according to one's preference of food but the total, of course, must total to 100%. These rates are the normal accepted value and any excess or lack thereof are considered abnormal and therefor, may have side effects. An example is a high protein diet. High protein diets help body builders gain more muscle weight (not fat) but may lead to kidney diseases.

Exercising is good for our appearance and our health, but any amount of exercise will amount to nothing if we do not eat right. Just like how the old saying goes, "What we eat is what we are."

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beowulf in IMax

Last Thursday, November 15, was my birthday but my dad had to go to his office and me and my brother had to go to our classes so we decided to celebrate it yesterday. First we ate at Stars and Stripes then we headed to the IMax Theater to watch Beowulf.

I was satisfied with the IMax experience because it was as if the blood was to spill on my face and the arrows, the stones, and the birds were to hit me. There were also quite a few times when I covered my face with my arms because it was almost really real. The only thing about the graphics that I really didn't appreciate was the fact that for most parts of the movie, the people looked very computer generated (somewhat comparable to Shreck). Far from my expectation of it being a "real" movie. Because of its being computer generated, I wasn't really able to appreciate the ladies in the movie and the feeling of being "in the movie".

As for the story, it was good but it wasn't that good. It revolved around a single focus and the flow was kinda slow which made the whole story seem short. But the turns that it took made us feel some kind of suspense. The climax and its scenes also took me out of my seat because like what I mentioned earlier, I felt like I really was going to get hit by the arrows and the other stuff that came out of the screen. The setting was nice, very medieval, and the artists (John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins, and Angelina Jolie, and the others whose names are not known to me) were great.

My recommendation: Watch this if you want to experience the ultimate IMax experience because the scenes in this movie really is fit for IMax.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Celtic Pride

Basketball fans around the world all knew that the Celtics will be a contender in the East right before the season started. With Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen on you team, what else can go wrong? Well, there actually is one thing that can go wrong, with such good players, the chemistry of the team is at stake. And that exactly is the reason why I am writing this one - their chemistry. But no, their chemistry isn't bad, theirs is actually very very good.

This Celtic team remind me of the Sacramento days of Webber, Williams, Peja, Vlade, Christie, and the rest of the crew. The Celtics move the ball around quickly and they shoot the ball ooohh soo sweetly. Their point guard, Rajon Rondo has good court vision and so does KG (who also happens to be a great scorer). Then here's Ray Allen, a pure shooter than they can get to whenever they're in a tight spot and of course, there's Paul Pierce, the Celts' main man. There's also Kendrick Perkins at center. A great role player who's great on the defensive glass. And lastly, with players like Brian Scalabrine, who had a stint with Jason Kidd and his Nets, and James Posey, who won a ring with the Heat last 05-06 season, it's most definite that they'll seal the deal.

Having these players and this chemistry, the Celtics who currently have a 7-0 slate (Miami @ Boston pending), are championship contenders. But let's not talk finished. There are lots of great teams in the league and as the saying goes, "The ball is round." But one thing is for sure, Celtic Pride is back.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bust Fat

Fat, flabs, bingo wings, man boobs, or any other term you wanna call it, is definitely almost everyone's problem. These unwanted fat are caused by one general thing - an unhealthy lifestyle. But having an unhealthy lifestyle is unavoidable especially in our hustling and bustling way of life so here I am to give you some tips to shed off those butter in those guts.

  1. Get enough sleep. Sleeping at night, that is. This is the time of the day when the muscles repair themselves. Also, studies have shown that if one sleeps for less than 8 hours, the brain will secrete enzymes that'll make one hungry. On the other hand, if one sleeps for more than 10 hours, he'll most likely be overweight due to the lack of physical activity.
  2. Learn to measure the amount of food that you take in. Don't just scoop of rice and pork adobo and place them onto your plate. Measuring the amount of food that you will eat will give you and idea of how many calories you'll be taking in so that you'll know how much physical activity you'll need to burn 'em off. Oh yeah, a half cup of tightly packed steamed rice has 100g of calories, 23g of carbohydrates, 2g of protein, and none from fat.
  3. Shake that ass. I didn't mean literally. Moving your body does not only burn calories. It also hastens your metabolism for 24-26 hours. Meaning after exercising today, you can eat a little more than what you should be eating tomorrow and still not get fat!
  4. Do not skip meals. Skipping meals will only make one grow hungrier and the tendency is he'll eat more than enough of what he should.
  5. If you're having a low carbohydrate meal and also working out, be sure to pop multivitamin food supplements so as to not run low on energy.
  6. Last but certainly not the least, think before u gobble something up. Ask yourself, "Do I really want that piece of cake or do I want that piece of a*s?" Remember, stop craving for food and others will start craving for you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hey what's up guys?

Look check this out, LUG and Gravity are thinking whether they should implement a Gym Pass. This Gym Pass gives a character an additional 200 weight capacity limit for PHP 50.00 and it can be used for a maximum of 10 times, thus giving a character an additional 2000 weight capacity limit for PHP 500.00. More about the Gym Pass here.

I believe that this Gym Pass shouldn't be implemented here in pRO for one simple reason. If its implementation pushes through, the process of build planning for non-STR-based characters (Archer Class, Mage Class), will be much more easier and much more boring. This is because they no longer need to spread thin their stat points just to be able to place stat points into STR for additional weight capacity limit.

The planning and creation of a build of a character is considered as piloting skill. Skill because for a player to be able to allocate and spread out stat points evenly and efficiently into DEX for a decent cast time or ATK (non-STR-based) or HIT, VIT for decent HP and DEF, INT for MATK, it requires understanding and PVP experience - and the Gym Pass will kill this so called build-making skill.

Add to that the fact that 10 pieces of Gym Pass will yield 2000 additional weight capacity limit which translates to more or less 66 STR which is equal to about 330++ stat points. It would be like selling stat points for PHP.

This Gym Pass shouldn't be implemented because it's close to being a Stat Reset NPC in a way and it will ruin the gameplay design of pRO and will render the game more imbalanced than it already is.

Please, let's all make the LU! pRO staff realize what this Gym Pass will do to our servers by posting your comments here. Thank you!


After a few months of thinking, I've finally decided to put up my own blog to be able to share with my friends and other people my thoughts and also to practice myself to type/write, speak, and most importantly think using English. The last reason is very very important since studies have proven that if you think about something or say something in your mind, it is most likely that that idea will really come out of your mouth - the exact words! Meaning, if one thinks in English, then there is a great probability that the words and ideas that will come out of your mouth are in English.

Anyways, they're just two of the many reasons why I decided to start blogging. I hope you guys stay tuned to my blog. Thanks and good day to everyone!